Skoda Enyaq iV, VW ID.4 ou Audi Q4 e-tron

Skoda Enyaq iV, VW ID.4, Audi Q4 e-tron: Electric beauties compared

The term SUV has traditionally been shorthand for gas guzzler, but 2021 could be the year that changes that perception – while providing a nice little sustainability bonus! Certainly, there are now enough new electric SUVs and crossovers to hold their own in any EV face-off. Three of this year’s finest are the Skoda Enyaq iV, the Volkswagen ID 4 and the Audi Q4 e-tron – all from the same family, but each with its own compelling charms. Brand fans already know which one they want, but for everyone else, here are the differences in terms of style, substance and sex appeal when lined up nose to nose.


Skoda Enyaq iV  

Smoothness comes standard

Skoda puts its trademark attributes front and centre in the Skoda Enyaq iV, the brand’s first ground-up all-electric vehicle on parent Volkswagen’s Modular Electric Platform (MEB). A sleek Czech charmer that hides its electric talents behind a stylish visage. Designed for everyday use, yet suitable for long-distance journeys with a WLTP range of up to 500 km, the Enyaq iV has early reviewers commending its laidback smoothness on uneven roads and in tight corners. Depending on the variant, performance ranges from 177bhp on a 62kWh battery through to 201bhp on the 82kWh battery. The concept of the Enyaq iV allowed a complete redesign of its insides, resulting in roomy, well-kitted out interiors and a 585-litre boot, plus innumerable little options so that the Enyaq stands proud alongside more expensive brands. More than 60% of the cabin’s interior polyester fittings made from upcycled bottles, earning it bonus points in our book.

Battery capacity: 77 kWh Efficiency: 183 Wh/km Fastcharge: 510 km/h Range: up to 500 km

Volkswagen ID.4

Sci-fi comes to the SUV

A futuristic crossover SUV that functions like a compact electric car, Volkswagen’s new ID.4 delivers on its reputation as the people’s vehicle. A clean, grill-free front and an intelligent, uncluttered interior with an optional edge-to-edge panoramic roof make for a contemporary urban EV – but its true appeal lies in the range of inbuilt high-tech features. The ID.Light system responds to your voice, while the optional augmented reality technology head-up display projects essential driving information onto your windscreen for the ultimate sci-fi experience. Whether it’s the school run or the occasional day trip, the WLTP range of up to 501km should hold you in good stead. Two battery choices across the five models offer different experiences: the 52kWh battery in the ID.4 Pure delivers 149bhp, while the 77kWh battery in the ID.4 Pro extends to 201bhp. Best of all, the ID.4 begins paying off from the moment you drive it off the shop floor: its carbon-neutral credentials mean you benefit from an improved sustainability footprint.

Battery capacity: 77 kWh Efficiency: 188 Wh/km Fastcharge: 500 km/h Range: up to 501 km


Audi Q4 e-tron

When looks aren’t deceiving

With its muscular silhouette complemented by Audi’s trademark feature lines and horizontal rear light strip, the Q4 e-tron is sure to turn heads. But behind the rippling musculature and blanked-off grille sits a supple road warrior capable of holding its own as an all-rounder and a family car. Audi’s most affordable electric model so far offers a choice of three motors, with a maximum output of up to 220kW (299hp) and a WLTP range of up to 520km. Enhanced aerodynamics means better mileage between charges – although a mere 10-minute juice-up will cover about 130km. Inside, the Q4 e-tron ticks off impressive luxury touches: bespoke dashboard, funky steering wheel with haptic feedback, 25-cm-plus infotainment screen, and as options, Sonos sound system and augmented reality display. Though it has only a medium wheelbase, the EV feels full size, thanks to clever engineering that also allows the trunk to be extended to 1,490 litres. One of Audi’s most sustainable cars yet, the Q4 e-tron is also carbon-neutral at the point of sale with 27 components made from recycled material. It doesn’t get much better.

Battery capacity: 82 kWh Efficiency: 182 Wh/km Fastcharge: 380 km/h Range: up to 520 km

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