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How many kilometers do I need?

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What is the minimum and maximum period term of a Ayvens operational leasing contract? The minimum term of an operational leasing contract is 12 months and there is no maximum limit. Generally speaking, contracts last for 48 months. However, the time-frames are flexible and may be adjusted to each person's needs. If you need more flexible or short-term rental, you have the [Ayvens Flex](targetSelf:/en-pt/leasing-with-us/leasing-solutions/ayvens-flex/) available with a duration from 1 month up to a maximum of 12 months, with unlimited mileage and which you may rescind whenever you want without any cost. What happens if I travel more or less kilometres than those contracted initially? The operational leasing contract specifies a price per kilometre. The kilometre adjustment is always made when a contract ends. The adjustment value is calculated by making a comparison between the kilometres contracted upon contract termination and those traveled on said date. So, the surcharge amount (amount payable per extra km traveled) or deduction (amount receivable per km not traveled) is multiplied by the difference between the kilometres contracted and traveled. For example, your contract includes 25.000 kilometres with a duration of 30 months: - If, as at the contract termination date, in other words, after 30 months, it is observed that you have traveled a total of 30.000 km, it means 5.000 km more (+20%) than those initially contracted, if the price per extra kilometre is, for example, € 0.05, when multiplying by the difference in kilometres, it would have a cost of € 250 (5.000 km x € 0.05). If the extra kilometres traveled exceeds 25% over and above those initially stipulated, the surcharge cost per extra km increases by 50%. - if you travel less kilometres than those initially contracted, you will receive the deduction amount per km not traveled multiplied by the difference in kilometres, up to a maximum of 25% of the kilometres billed. If upon the contract termination date, it is observed that you have traveled a total of 20.000 km, 5.000 km less (-20%) than those initially contracted, if the price per kilometre deducted is, for example, € 0.02, when multiplying by the difference in kilometres, you would receive € 100 (5.000 km x € 0.02). These values are provided by way of example, you must always confirm the surcharge and deduction amounts under your contractual conditions. However, at any time of the contract, you may request an update of the terms of your contract by way of a recalculation, and adjust the number of kilometres owed to a significant deviation in them, with the respective rectification of the monthly fee amount. As from a deviation of 15% you are recommended to do so as in this way you will avoid any unexpected costs at the end of the contract.Can I cancel an operational leasing contract before contract ends? Yes, there is always the option of cancelling the Ayvens operational leasing contract before contracts ends. This option will involve an extra cost regulated in the contract whereby Ayvens shall apply a 40% penalty to the value of the remaining rents, applied after 12 months of the contract. In other words, the first 12 months must always be paid in full. For example, you have contracted the operational leasing of a new car with a duration of 30 months, 25.000 kilometres and a rent of €200 per month. If you wish to end and cancel your contract: - 8 months before contract termination, a 40% penalty is applied to the value of the rents yet to fall due. So the calculation would be: € 200 (monthly rent inc. VAT) x 8 months = 1.600 x 0.4 (40% penalty) = € 640. In this case, the penalty for early rescission would be € 640; - Once only 10 months have elapsed since the start of the contract, you must assume payment of the two monthly missing to make up the initial 12 months: € 200 (monthly rent inc. VAT) x 2 months = € 400. The 40% penalty calculation is then applied to the missing rents, in this case to the value of the rents pertaining to the remaining 18 months (30 months contracted – 12 initial months = 18 months). And it is applied in the following manner: € 200 (monthly rent inc. VAT) x 18 months (missing) = 3,600 x 0.4 (40% penalty) = € 1.440. Hence, the penalty for cancelling the contract 10 months after its start would be a total of € 400 + € 1,440 = € 1.840. In the case of an operational leasing contract for used cars, it is necessary to pay the initial 6 months in full (instead of 12 months in the case of a new car) and a 20% penalty (instead of 40% in the case of a new car) on the value of the rents to fall due. In addition to the penalty for early termination, you must also consider any reconditioning costs calculated if the car has suffered any damage, as well as the adjustment to the kilometres to which, in this case, there shall be an adjustment, solely including those kilometres billed and not those initially contracted.