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Convenience on a single card

In order to facilitate customers and drivers’ lives, Ayvens provides a service intended for fuel payment at Galp service stations.

The Galp Frota (Fleet) Card

The Galp Frota (Fleet) Card

As well as fuel (diesel or petrol) and/or electric charging, using the Galp Frota (Fleet) service, you can include the payment of tolls and other services such as washing, car accessories and in store services.

A monthly or annual cap is defined and is valid for all transactions made with the card, regardless of the type of service, except for electric vehicles. The monthly or annual cap of the Galp Frota card is not carried forward to subsequent months or years.

You can include this service in your operational leasing agreement when you sign up. If you wish to include the fuel electric charge service after ordering the car, you can always request it from your Ayvens manager or using the customer helpline.

If you alter the functionalities after issuance of the first Galp Frota card, it will always need to be reissued, with the consequent cancellation of the previous one.

Find out about the fuel service arrangements:

  1. Cost of Driving_LWith a provision

    An estimate is made of the fuel amount payable, calculated based on vehicle consumption and the kilometrage contracted. This amount is included in the proposal and billed every month. The estimate is corrected 2 months after the consumption month. For example, supplies for July shall only be subject to an adjustment in September, which may result in a debit or credit based on the real fuel consumption costs.

  2. Money Back__LWithout provision

    Billing is carried out based on the real fuel consumption costs and this amount is billed 2 months after the consumption month.

Download the App Frotas Galp now!

Download the App Frotas Galp now!

By downloading the Frotas Galp App to your smartphone, you can enjoy all these advantages:

You can do this via the App Store or Google Play.

What can I expect from the fuel card service?

Why Galp? The choice of GALP as the supplier can be put down to its larger network of stations in Portugal (around 800 in Portugal, 200 in Spain, 20 in Madeira and 30 in the Azores). If I ask for the fuel card to be reissued, can I use the old card until the new one arrives? No. Whenever reissuance is requested, the previous card is automatically cancelled.What should I do if the card is lost or stolen? You should ask for the immediate cancellation of the card, informing your Ayvens manager and asking for it to be reissued. What should I do when I am unable to make automatic payment at the station?  You should go to the station store so as to take the necessary measures to settle the situation. Why will my fuel card be sent to? It is sent in accordance with the information contained on the customer cardWhere can I use the Galp Frota card to charge my electric or plug-in vehicle? You can charge your vehicle at any charging point or service area (Galp or others).Where can I check the movements of the Galp Frota card? You can check consumption on the Frotas Galp App.Can I charge my electric or plug-in vehicle with a Galp Frota card? Yes. All you have to do is request the activation of the electric mobility function by contacting our Customer Service.

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