An operational leasing plan as carefree as it gets

Everything a car has to offer.

Except for the stress.

With operational leasing you don’t spend anything on insurance, maintenance or repairs. And with our #NoStressPlan you are always mobile, have the best price on the market and can terminate your contract early without any costs. This solution makes your life easier with more peace of mind, truly stress free.

You never lose mobility. You always have a replacement car at your disposal.

Stay calm! #NoStress.

Comparing offers and looking for the best price? We guarantee the best offer on the market.

Stay calm! # N0,000 € Stress.

We never know what tomorrow will bring. Something unexpected may be just around the corner and you will need to adapt to the new reality.

Stay calm! #NoStress.

Explore a selection of our #NoStressPlan offers

These conditions apply exclusively to the cars included in the special offers, identified by the #NoStressPlan seal. Any TVDE operations and CarSharing platforms (vehicle rental and car sharing between individuals) are excluded from these conditions.

What are the conditions for the #NoStressPlan solution?

What services are considered in comparison with other online offers available on the market? In order to present you with the best financial offer, when compared to another online offer available on the market, we need to ensure that it is fair and that the same characteristics, conditions and services are being compared: •The offer of the operational leasing company or car manufacturer in comparison must be available online to the general public; •It must be exactly the same car i.e.: make, model, version, engine and optional equipment •The same contract duration; •The same mileage contracted for the duration of the contract; •The same down payment, if applicable •The same services included: - Insurance with the coverage of your own damages and a deductible of 4%; - The replacement of tyres without limits, with respective alignments and calibrations, whenever safety conditions so require; - Reconditioning insurance with a  coverage of € 500 + VAT; - Replacement vehicle for maintenance, breakdowns and accidents, of the segment immediately below for passenger vehicles and an equivalent segment for goods vehicles; - Preventive maintenance, that is, scheduled and that follows the service plan indicated by the manufacturer, as well as corrective maintenance, in case of unforeseen repairs resulting from malfunctions. Is the replacement vehicle a car like mine? If you are temporarily left without your car, you will have the right to use a replacement car under the following conditions: for passenger cars, the replacement vehicle provided is from a segment immediately below that of the operational leasing contract (for example, if you drive an Opel Astra, we will provide an Opel Corsa) and an equivalent segment for goods’ vehicles. We thus ensure complete mobility so that you are never left without a car. Also, at any time, you can opt to upgrade to a replacement vehicle in the same segment as your car, or even higher, in these cases, with the respective cost increased due to the renegotiation of the conditions of your contract. How should I proceed in the event of dismissal or resignation? In the event of the dismissal or resignation of the usual driver of the vehicle (identified when contracting the service), this situation is assessed after receiving and analysing the proof of unemployment status from applicable entities such as the Job Centre or Social Security. How to act in case of death or prolonged illness with a permanent disability? In the event of death or prolonged illness with permanent disability of the customer or the usual driver of the vehicle (identified when contracting the service), the death certificate or medical declaration of disability must be submitted and subsequently analysed.

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