Accessibility statement.

ALD SA undertakes to make its website accessible in accordance with article 47 of law no. 2005-102 of February 11, 2005. This declaration of accessibility applies to the website.

Compliance status. does not comply with the general accessibility guidelines. The non-conformity(ies) are listed below.

Accessibility tests.

The compliance audit will take place at a later date. At this stage, accessibility is assessed on the basis of expert opinion.

Inaccessible content.

Pending the audit, we are unable at this stage to list precisely what content is or is not accessible.

Drawing up of this accessibility statement.

This statement was drawn up on 3 October 2023. The website is designed to be compatible with the following:

The accessibility of the website relies on the following technologies to work with the particular combination of web browser or plugins installed in your computer:

Feedback and contact.

If you are unable to access any content or service, you can contact the site manager to be directed to an accessible alternative or obtain the content in another form.

Or you can write to the following address:

ALD SA 1-3 Rue Eugène et Armand Peugeot Corosa 92500 Rueil-Malmaison, France

Referring a matter to the Défenseur des droits (Defender of Rights).

In the absence of a reply or solution, and once the request for assistance has been made, you can:

Or you can send a letter by post to:

Défenseur des droits Libre réponse 71120 75342 Paris CEDEX 07