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Go green India: Revving up with alternative fuels!

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India's growing passion for cars is undeniable, but the rising air pollution demands a change of gears towards a cleaner future with alternative fuels and technology! Buckle up as we explore three exciting options: CNG, Hybrids, and Electric Vehicles (EVs). Let's find the green path that perfectly fits your driving needs.
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CNG: The Budget-Friendly Warrior

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a fossil fuel substitute for gasoline, diesel or propane/ LPG. It is mainly composed of methane and is stored and distributed in high-pressure containers and these vehicles operate much like gasoline-powered vehicles. Natural gas is stored in a fuel tank, or cylinder, usually at the back of the vehicle.

CNG vehicles have lesser boot-space, but manufacturers are addressing this in the newer models.

A promising alternative is emerging: CBG (Compressed Biogas): Made from organic waste, CBG offers even lower emissions and promotes waste management. Look out for more CBG stations popping up in the future!

Hybrids: The Smooth Transition Champions

Hybrid vehicles combine a traditional internal combustion engine with an electric motor to enhance efficiency and reduce emissions. In India, both mild and strong hybrids are available. Plug-in hybrids have not yet made an entry into the market.

Bumps to consider:

Choosing the right hybrid: Mild hybrids use limited electric power which does not reduce carbon footprint much, while a strong/ full hybrid runs on ‘EV mode’ for longer durations. While hybrids are the steppingstone towards a greener future, they're not the ultimate solution. The gasoline engine still contributes some emissions. However, considering the current state of charging infrastructure and India's energy mix, hybrids offer a significant environmental benefit and a smooth transition towards a cleaner tomorrow.

Electric Vehicles (EVs): Charged up for the future

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are powered entirely by electricity stored in batteries. They use electric motors instead of combustible engines.

The Not-So-Silent Partner: Electricity and Battery Concerns

However, the future looks promising. Here's India’s aim* to address these concerns:

So, which green path will you choose? Whether it's the budget-friendly CNG, the smooth-transitioning Hybrid, or the future-focused Electric Vehicle, there's a greener option waiting to take you on your next ride!

Published at June 24, 2024
June 24, 2024
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