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How to load a light commercial vehicle safely

Securely securing cargo is half the battle to road safety.

We’ll give you five tips to allow the driver and his/her cargo arrive safely at their destination.

There is a risk of injury due to the load

There is a risk of injury due to the load

Over time, there have been many advances in safety technology in the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) industry to minimise the number of accidents on the road. However, despite all the advances, there is a fundamental aspect that has often been ignored: the risk of serious injuries caused by the load.

An apparently innocuous unsecured item on the cargo bed of a truck or van – such as a laptop or a smartphone – can cause damage when a vehicle stops suddenly and unexpectedly and can actually become a lethal weapon in the event of an impact. Ironically, even a first-aid kit can do more harm than good in an accident situation if not securely closed.

Under the law, the driver is responsible for safely transporting any item in or on the vehicle and also for ensuring that the vehicle does not exceed its permissible gross weight.

To ensure you take on this responsibility as a driver and maintain the highest safety standards, here are some useful tips and recommended practices for properly loading and unloading your vehicle. **This will help keep not only you, but also your vehicle and your cargo safe at all times.

  1. Manual transport
  2. Gross vehicle weight rating

    The gross vehicle weight rating indicates the maximum operating weight of any vehicle, including the driver, passengers, fuel and cargo. The value is stated in the vehicle registration documents, in the manufacturer's manual and on the manufacturer's weight plate.

  3. Vehicle access
  4. Stowing the load
  5. Roof and ladder

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