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Reconditioning Insurance?

The key to relax.

It affords protection free from any unforeseen costs. When you reach the end of your contract, make sure that the return of your car will not entail any unexpected costs.

Make sure your contract has a happy ending.

Make sure your contract has a happy ending.

With the concerns involved at the end of the operational leasing agreement in mind, Reconditioning Insurance is the ideal protection which ensures that your car is protected from any damage not caused by the normal usage of the vehicle and which may thus involve unexpected costs upon contract termination.

Reconditioning insurance guarantees the cover of repair costs incurred by:

• Damage to the interior of the car • Tyre wear and tear • Damage to wheel rims • Damage to lights, headlights and tail lights • Minor damage to the exterior of the car

How does Reconditioning Insurance work?

Right after returning your car, an inspection and a repair cost appraisal are carried out by a loss adjuster from SGS – an independent entity accredited to this end - to assess any damage to the car, if there is any. The exterior and interior appraisal of the car is based on objective standards defined in the Ayvens Reconditioning Manual for commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles.

These standards divide damage into two categories:

If you are in any doubt about the condition of the car you may, before the actual return, request a pre-inspection for an additional charge. This means that an inspection will be carried out on the car and the damage will be identified, if there is any. In this way, you will already know what to expect when you return the car.

You also have the option, when signing up for the operational leasing service, to increase the Reconditioning Insurance cover, leaving you with even fewer concerns upon contract termination.

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