My Ayvens Fleet

All you need on just one portal.

Do you ou need to access information about your company's cars? Or update a vehicle's driver data? You no longer need to wait for tomorrow to have the information or place the request you need today.

You can now access all the information you need online via your web browser 24/7. No need to install software.

With My Fleet you can personalise panels and data, build reports and add your preferred reports to favorites. You can also access the request area, available 24 hours a day, for topics related to the contract or services for the driver.

Discover what you can do with this tool:



    View indicators and get detailed information about cars contracted:

    • Fleet • Renewals and orders • Accidents and damage • Maintenance and repairs • Fuel • Tolls and parking

    Create your own reports by adding new columns and layouts. You can download the file in Excel if you want.



    Analyse the data about your cars:

    • Fleet • Fuel consumption • Environmental impact • Total fleet cost • Maintenance and repairs

    Choose and organise the graphics you want to view. Filter results according to year, cost centre, vehicle type or make. The data in each chart can be exported to Excel.



    Access pre-defined reports by topic or type, search using keywords, or select the reports you use most, as favorites.

    When you subscribe to a report, you can create alerts, to access a specific report regularly, or if you need to know when relevant changes occur.

    When you subscribe to a report, you will be emailed a direct download link to it (according to the frequency defined, or when there are changes).



    Discover the studies produced by our Consultancy team.

    You can consult studies, analyses and reports about tax and legal changes and market trends, that could impact the management of your fleet and your business.

    Get a faster service with the My Fleet requests area 

    Available 24 hours a day, it allows you to place different types of service requests and puts you in control of the service, helping you to improve efficiency and productivity levels in just a few clicks.

    How it works? 

    • After logging into My Fleet, navigate to the “Orders Area” where you will find a form.
    • Fill out the form and click "Submit". You will see a notification confirming the order submission and you will receive an email.
    • An agent will manage your request in accordance with the rules of your contract.
    • Once your service request has been processed - or if we need more information - we will contact you.
    Available requests: 

    Available requests: 

    Contract: • Change the driver of a vehicle • Receive cost estimate for early termination • Transfer vehicle between Cost Centers • Request a copy of the invoice • Join electronic invoicing • Add Purchase Orders (PO) for contracted and non-contracted services

    Driver services: • Update a driver's personal data • Request or return a replacement vehicle • Schedule vehicle maintenance • Report a vehicle accident or damage

    Service levels

    "Service Levels" menu, now available in My Fleet, allows an overview of all indicators.

    Now, it is possible to consult volume, average time and other indicators, related to inquiries, service requests and complaints.

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      Consult the user manual, if necessary.

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