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Total Guarantee and Premium Total Guarantee

Total Guarantee

Total Guarantee

This is the solution which has a fixed deductible and a reduced premium which can protect you in situations where there has been careless use of the car by the driver and which may result in very hefty costs.

It is an innovative solution on the national market and it may be taken out autonomously for an additional monthly amount to your monthly payment.

The deductible is fixed and it is low compared with the usual repair costs of an engine, gearbox/transmission gearbox or braking system, benefiting from the speed of the incident management area, exclusive to customers who take out this cover.

Premium Total Guarantee

Premium Total Guarantee

The cover that goes one step further than Total Guarantee and ensures your mobility.

By taking out Premium Total Guarantee you get total, complete protection not only from any unforeseen costs incurred by the repair of the car, but also from any costs associated with the use of a replacement car, deriving from incidents under the Total Guarantee cover, in other words, in situations involving careless use of the car by the driver.

Besides the above advantages, the Premium Total Guarantee cover also ensures:

• That the category of the replacement vehicle is always equivalent to that of the car hired on an operational leasing basis • The number of days with the replacement vehicle is unlimited, thereby covering every day of immobilisation owing to the repair of the vehicle that has suffered an accident • There is no additional deductible in this cover

There simply is no better protection!

In summary, the Total Guarantee protection of Ayvens includes:

What’s more, the Premium Total Guarantee also includes:

The Premium Total Guarantee cannot be subscribed unless you have taken out the Total Guarantee cover, though the reverse may also occur, in other words, you can just take out the Total Guarantee cover.

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